Friday, August 26, 2016

Three the Sexy way

You spent 7 hours at work looking at the girls on Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat gave you a tease until you hear your boss coming so you pretend to work. Before you get home visit amazon prime and order some sexy bedtime sleep wear but you wont be sleeping tonight. The ladies on social network will still be in your head but you can use them in your bed.


Monday, May 16, 2016

G5 for Creflo Dollar Please

My initial reaction was REALLY!!. but after looking at the bigger picture I noticed that a preacher asking for contributions to buy a private Jet is no different from your local preacher asking for donations for the building fund, Creflo Dollar just as a bigger building. So here is the tale, Creflo Dollar one the most famous preachers from the ATL is asking for 300 dollars each from 200000 people so he can buy a private jet. Why not, I say, Donald Trump as one and he doesn't serve the lord. Ludacris as one and he is not a servant for the lord. Warren Buffett as one and he is not a servant for the lord, so why can't a servant for the lord have a private jet. There must be a price the people are willing to pay for a preacher that delivers hope and Creflo dollar's price is 65 million, yes only 65 million so he and his ministry can preach hope in New york and be in LA in 4hours to deliver another earth shattering gospel about the second coming of the lord, but before he gets here lets see how much self wealth we can accumilate before we exit. SMB(so much bullshit)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The tale of six

I have never a read a book like this, now this is entertainment for the conspiracy theorist, the comedian, the adventurer or if you have some time to sit and chill this is the book for you, it won't solve any life problems but if you ever create answers to questions that are a mystery like what do the illuminati want with celebrities like Beyonce, Drake, Beiber and others then you have to read, 'The cool Kids', what a book, get your popcorn ready, this aint views from the Six, this is the six. Download for free at AMAZONKINDLE

Monday, April 25, 2016

Exclusive Beyonce Lemonade Free Download

Yeah made you look, go purchase like you should and stop looking for freebies, Beyonce once again has created a beautiful work of music, lyrics and visuals that are sometimes scary and illuminatic but very sexy. So sorry no freebies here, but you can hear this album again and again if you purchase beyonces' LEMONADE exclusively at TIDAL

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Amber rose caught Wiz with Tranny

Shot fired and wiz has taken a big hit, damage control is being done but now its out, Amber caught Wiz with tranny and thats the reason for the breakup, but that should be normal for her, just look at her friends.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Kim K blonde belongs on someone else

I know women get bored with one look, so we keep changing, but sometimes we change to something that is not us and thinks its beautiful. Kim K as done just that with this blonde look. Kim K with her Dark black hair is a unique specimen, but Kim K with blonde hair is just pretty and common. Their is a scene in the movie "Devils Advocate" when Al Pacino told Charlize Theron that her hair was beautiful but it wasn't for her. Someone need to tell Kim K just that.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Amber Rose 5 minutes getting longer

Ok, don't know if you people seen the world lately but there are beautiful women everywhere, so what makes amber rose special. She is beautiful, but beauty without class is like putting chrome rims on a Rolls Royce, it cheapens the value. What makes Amber Special is what makes all celebrities special, its that "IT" factor, its the "IT" that made Kanye take notice. But you can loose "IT" with too much exposure, and Amber is on the verge of doing that right now with a "Slut Walk". REALLY, stop it. How about a Strong Women March, that will make any child proud of Mommy.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Minaj sends love note on instagram

After getting upset at the media for running their mouth about her instagram post. Nicki minaj is at it again sending a love note to now Playmate rapper "Friend" Meek Mills. I guess she feels sorry for the open quotes she send to her ex over instagram proclaiming her now and forever more love. This makes great gossip but really just post pics and stop with the Days of our lives Drama notes.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Honey nut cheerios is having its best week ever, while Carmelo and the knicks collapse. Garnet knew exactly what he was doing and now the whole world is left assuming what he meant. Well assume no more , if you took a lic of la la body and inner thighs according to KG she would taste like Honey Nut Cheerios, UUMMM, I wonder what you would need to taste like Frosted Flakes.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

War of Words #WOW

This will be a defining moment in our lifes. The question remains Romney or Obama, no matter the dirty campaigns and the revealing fact that Obama did inhale has described in the song  "PULSE" by Ephem. The undecided are still undecided. What will it take and who will it take. Maybe all will be answered on election day.